fedi_ephemerator expires old posts on a mastodon-api server.

posts the user has favourited, pinned, or bookmarked are exempt from expiry.


fedi_ephemerator source can be obtained via git:

git clone https://projects.chimerae.org/git/fedi_ephemerator

to build, run cargo build --release in the repo root. if you need a rust build environment, rustup can help.

the finished executable will be at target/release/fedi_ephemerator. strip it if you like!


to expire old posts made by user@instance:

fedi_ephemerator expire user@instance

on first run for a given account, this will ask for authorisation. credentials and settings are stored in a file in the directory this is run in.

once authorised, this command expires all posts older than --expire-age (default: 30 days). this can run unattended, via cron, periodic, etc.

due to mastodon api rate limiting, the first run can take a long time to complete, possibly even days. if your instance's rate-limiting is configured differently from mastodon's default, you can adjust the pace with the --api-wait, --delete-wait, and --batch-size options.

if you enjoy watching things happen, try -v!

you can also expire old posts for all known accounts:

fedi_ephemerator expire

additional information about fedi_ephemerator is available:

fedi_ephemerator help


website: https://projects.chimerae.org/fedi_ephemerator
activitypub: @ephemerator@pleroma.chimerae.org